It’s a fact: If we take care of our horses, they’ll take care of us. As trainers, breeders, competitors or weekend riders, we owe them every opportunity to be physically fit, mentally willing, calm and collected—all signs of excellent equine health.

Here’s why Equine Edge is so effective. In a factory, assembly lines must operate efficiently to carry raw materials and convert them to finished products. Equine Edge works exactly the same way. All of our Equine Edge products contain nitric oxide (a gas) and L-arginine (an amino acid)—both naturally occurring in the body. A primary function of nitric oxide (which conveys information between cells) is to increase blood flow by dilating blood vessels; L-arginine is a building block for the production of nitric oxide.

Like an assembly line, the combination of nitric oxide and L-arginine causes a horse’s own cells (and those of humans as well) to convert “raw materials” into neurotransmitters (hence, the term Neurotransmitter Production Support, or NPS). Unlike drugs that can produce undesirable effects in healthy animals by inhibiting or stimulating normal function, Equine Edge supplements are specifically designed to restore body functions to normal healthy ranges.

“After disappointing results with many so-called ‘top’ equine products and a lot of money down the drain,” said Kurt, “I thoroughly researched Equine Edge and began using Nitroxide and Nutrawound on one of my reining horses, who had become navicular. She recovered her usefulness, and I became a believer in NPS.”

“I have found that using Nitroxide PlusTM or the top dress Equine Edge gives my horses bright coats, healthier hooves, and helps grow mane and tails. I’m only feeding one supplement with their grain, and they look, act, and feel great. Even my horseshoer has used the Equine Edge Hoof Growth supplement, and he was tough to convince!”

“After using Equine Edge products on all my horses (as do the boarders at our stable), I saw such remarkable results across the board that I am now a distributor. Equine Edge products also come in ‘canine’ formulas that work beautifully to heal up our best friends’ issues as well. And all products are money-back guaranteed.”

The 1998 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded jointly to pharmacologists Robert F. Furchgott, Louis J. Ignarro and Ferid Murad for their independent discoveries of the role of nitric oxide in cardiovascular physiology. Among a long list of professionals who are also believers and users of Equine Edge is three-time Kentucky Derby winner and thoroughbred owner/trainer Bob Baffert.

Ask Kurt at Total Horse Health about “Equine Edge” special formulas or custom blends mixed in the lab so your horse is treated according to its individual needs. He loves to talk equine health.

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