Special Solutions Just for Your Horse

A Custom Formula can help solve difficult, re-occurring, or mystery cases. With increased overall health benefits, Custom Formulas are great for combining multiple supplements into one formula, targeting deficiencies, and taking your horse to the next level competitively! Let us help bring your horse’s body back to homeostasis, with a customized supplement specifically designed for your horse.

The process for a Custom Formula is simple. Send us a copy of your horse’s CBC and Chemistry Panel by email. CEO and formulator Bob Fogli will review it and customize a formula tailored to your horse’s specific needs. Bob will analyze your horse’s blood work and the brief information you sent in to create a Custom Formula tailored to your horse’s unique nutritional needs. Homeostasis is achieved by targeting the high and low numbers on the CBC and Chemistry panel. Extra herbs, amino acids, minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins are added to help bring the numbers back to the center.

For better accuracy send us blood work done within the last 6 months and please include a brief history about your horse including what you feed, what you want their supplement to target, hair analysis if handy, and any issues your horse has been having.  Also, please advise if you will be competing in a USEF/FEI event and need the supplement to be compliant with their rules and regulations so proper formula adjustments can be made.


Muscle Mass™ & Performance™ products are excellent daily supplements that can be customized for your individual horse’s nutritional needs. Choose among our available blends to make a Special Formula for your horse.

We have many Special Blends available for added joint support, blood flow, calming and more!

Add up to four blends to customize your very complete formula for your own horse’s specific needs.

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